Sacred Pollinators

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Sacred Pollinators: Honey Bees is part of an environmental art project that highlights the desperate challenges faced by nature’s pollinators. It’s purpose is to encourage collective stewardship and increase awareness of this key issue and environmental crisis facing us all.

I have become enamored with the honeybees. From their own ancient history and our rich mythology of them to their gifts of beeswax, propolis, honey and most importantly, the service of pollination. During the last decade heavy losses and Colony Collapse Disorder, (CCD). continue to increase due to a combination of factors including mites, neurotoxic pesticides and mono-crop agribusiness practices. Some of our smallest creatures are sounding the loudest alarm.

The paintings seen here offer small, luminous, meditative mandalas that draw inspiration from the hive and pollination as well as from color and image symbolism and from sacred geometry. Learn more and watch a video of the initial series and exhibit at Trees Atlanta.